Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant 3.0

Make presentations directly from your computer screen

Presentation Assistant can help you make presentations directly from your computer screen. It has various useful features for capturing the audience’s attention. It works as a sort of top layer on which you can draw and make annotations. Besides, it lets you magnify the selected region and take screenshots.

The program has an easy-to-use interface. When you run the program, it hides on the top edge of the screen from where it becomes easily accessible. There are various tabs, labeled Screen, Tools, Pointer, Tasks, and Music. Moreover, it is possible to use hotkey combinations to activate specific features.

If you decide to draw on the screen, you can turn your screen into an electronic whiteboard. Likewise, you can draw on the frozen screen or without locking it. The program can also be used to capture parts of the desktop. It has various drawing tools, like freehand, lines and circles. Additionally, you can use special mouse pointers, effects, and timers. Fortunately, you can also play background music while you make your presentation.

All in all, Presentation Assistant is a valuable tool for teachers, trainers and software presenters, which does not mean that other users cannot benefit from it as well. The product is free to try for 30 days. Besides the standard version, there is also the Ultimate edition, which offers more features.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Unobtrusive interface
  • Lets you draw and annotate on the screen
  • Supports live screen mode
  • Captures part of the screen
  • Multiple types of effects and mouse pointers
  • Musical background playback


  • Trial version with frequent nag screens
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