Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant 2.1

It will help you to make your presentations more interesting and convincing

Presentation Assistant is a piece of software that I find extremely helpful in my daily activity. I am a teacher, so I often have presentations to make. Thanks to this application my presentations are much more interesting and effective. There are many features that allow me to do practically anything to focus my audience’s attention on the most important aspects of my presentation. My favorite features are “Spotlight”, “Curtain”, “Magnification” and “Screen capture”. If I want to have an interactive and lively presentation (and I do want this most of the times), I can use other two features of Presentation Assistant that I find very helpful and attractive: "Draw freely on screen" or “Draw freely on electronic whiteboard”, as this software offers the possibility to use an electronic whiteboard tab. It even lets you add some background music for a more relaxed atmosphere. I can demonstrate how to work with a software application or point out any error by circling it. I can lay stress on the most important details in a complex picture, a map or a diagram and I can even switch monitors. Presentation Assistant is very easy to use. I really enjoy using this smart piece of software and I would recommend it to anybody who might need such a tool.

Amelia Wagner
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  • It is easy to use and understand its options
  • It helps you structure attractive presentations


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